Communities and value sharing

Focusing on social and environmental factors, plus an inclusive approach, enables us to create long-term value for the Company and the communities.


sustainability projects


million beneficiaries


applications of the CSV model (Creating Shared Value)



Responsible community relations constitute a pillar of Enel’s strategy. Constantly and proactively considering the needs and priorities of society makes it possible to accept new challenges and redefine an increasingly competitive business model, developing new strategies and innovating in processes, also through scalable solutions. In 2019, with around 1,800 projects and more than 4 million beneficiaries in the countries in which it is present, Enel made a tangible contribution to development and social and economic growth of local areas: from the expansion of infrastructure to education and training programmes, from initiatives aimed at social inclusion to projects designed to support cultural and economic activities. The essential lever to carry outthese projects is the recourse to around 800 partnerships with organisations, companies, and institutions operating on the local and international level that promote development of the territory through innovative and tailored interventions.

Sustainability of the strategy is confirmed also by the progress made in terms of the Group’s contribution to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with special reference to projects aimed at guaranteeing inclusive and equitable quality education (SDG 4), offering access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy (SDG 7) and promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth (SDG 8).

(1) The number of beneficiaries considers the activities and projects carried out in all the areas in which the Group operates. Exclusively for the NFS perimeter (excluding consolidated companies using the equity method, the foundations, the non-profit organizations of the Group, and the companies for which the BSO - Build, Sell and Operate mechanism has been applied) the number of beneficiaries amounted to 0.3 million for SDG 4 (0.2 million in 2018), 1.6 million for SDG 7 (2.1 million in 2018) and 0.2 million for SDG 8 (0.2 million in 2018).