Environmental Sustainability

Constant attention to protect the environment and the natural resources.

Environmental Sustainability



g/kWheq SO2 specific emissions


g/kWheq NOx specific emissions


g/kWheq dust specific emissions


l/kWheq specific water requirement


tons of waste produced


projects for the protection of biodiversity

Strategic factors in the planning, implementation and development of Enel’s operations include the protection of the environment and natural resources, combating climate change as well as contributing towards sustainable economic development. Moreover, these represent determining factors in consolidating the Company’s position as leader in the energy market. Since 1996, Enel has been pursuing a Group environmental policy, updated in 2018, and as stated in the opening of this chapter, this policy has been implemented across the Company structure and across its entire value chain. Enel oversees all environmental-related activities by means of a structure that extends across the operational units with standardised general environmental policy guidelines, emanating from one central Holding unit. Across the Business Lines and Global Service Functions, structures, dedicated personnel and managers ensure the operational implementation of these common strategic guidelines. In particular, Staff Functions coordinate the management of relevant environmental issues, ensuring the necessary specialist support in line with the Holding guidelines, whilst the operational units manage the specific aspects related to the various industrial sites.