Sustainability Report 2019 (*)

From sustainable energy comes a better future.

The results achieved in recent years prove the solidity and sustainability of our business model, which is capable of creating value for all stakeholders and contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

(*) Consolidated Non-financial Statement (NFS) prepared in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 254/16

Sustainability Report 2019

Sustainable Business Model

The model adopted by Enel integrates environmental, social and
governance factors (ESG) throughout the entire value chain. 

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La lotta al cambiamento climatico

The fight against climate change

Decarbonisation and electrification of final consumption are the way to take on climate change and ensure clean and affordable energy.

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La centralità delle persone

The centrality of people

Progress springs from ideas and co-creation and is nourished by values such as trust, responsibility, proactivity and innovation.

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L’energia dell’economia circolare

The energy of the circular economy

This is the new paradigm for rethinking the development model, combining innovation, competitiveness and sustainability, and to respond to major environmental and social challenges.

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Sustainability plan

Sustainability Plan 2020-2022

We promote a new model of development that leaves no one behind.

The Group’s sustainability strategy is focused on: decarbonization, electrification of consumption, enabling infrastructures, ecosystems and platforms, people centricity, a sustainable supply chain, sound governance, occupational health and safety and a focus on the environment. This is our contribution towards the achievement of the UN SDGs.

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Definizione delle priorità



We analyse the global scenario, the main changes that characterize it and the potential risks to which the Enel Group is exposed.

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Analysis of priorities

Analysis of priorities
(materiality analysis)

We identify the priority issues for the stakeholders, compare them with the corporate strategy and define our priorities.

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The value of sustainability

There is a clear link between sustainability and value creation.

ESG ratings are deemed to be a strategic tool to support investors and identify risks and opportunities linked to the sustainability in their investment Portfolio.

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Enel and COVID-19 emergency

In order to face the Covid-19 emergency, our response was prompt and resolutely in all the geographical areas in which the Group is present. In doing so, our aim was to minimize the spread of infection among our staff while ensuring the continuity of its business and service in all the countries where Enel operates.

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 emergency, Enel Cuore on the ground, supporting frontline services